Children's Sat athletics a.m. Sat 23rd Nov

The program for Sat, 7th December at the Caledonian starts at 9am.
A competition number, Colgate Age-Grade Patch and correct club uniform must be worn by all athletes at all events.

Track Events…
Grade 7-9 - 60m and 80m
Grade 10-14 – 100m, 1500m, Race Walk and relay (athletes can only do 4 events per day, exc relays)

Field events…
Grade 7: Long Jump and Discus
Grade 8: Kit/Vortex and Shot Put
Grade 9: Discus and Long Jump
Grade 10: High Jump and Shot Put
Grade 11: Long Jump and Shot Put
Grade 12: Discus and High Jump
Grade 13: Shot Put and Long Jump
Grade 14: Discus and High Jump

Athletes should be at the ground by 8.45am. Club officials required at the ground by 8.30am to set up equipment.

Refer on Thursday's ODT/Star Sports Draw to Otago Children's Athletics (also on Facebook) and also keep an eye on our Facebook page arikichildrensathletics and 'like' the page or lookout for emails to you.


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