Sat 11th July - Lovelock Relays 2020 Uni Oval

Info below from Hill City University Club. But if you would like to be in a team for this please email Dave asap!

"Hi everyone!

It is with great excitement we kick off our first interclub race of the season, and what better way to start than with our favourite, the Lovelock Relays. It will be on the 11th of July, which is fairly soon now. Being a midwinter event, It won't be too hot, so there is not much chance of sunstroke......Perfect!
Please find all the information and entry forms you need at this link here on our Hill City- University website. So get the word out to your clubbies, and get your teams together!
Please sing out if you have any questions:) 
Looking forward to seeing you all"
**The first event is due to start 1:30pm - checkout Thursday the 9th July ODT Sports Draw for the Lovelock Relays Hill City draw with the confirmed various times. Or see below. 10/07/20 Teams feature below

Lovelock Relays 2020 Ariki teams

1:30pm, Saturday 11th July 2020 – University Oval Ground. Please email completed form to

Club:____ARIKI____________________             Contact  Russell Lund / Brent Halley    

Phone: 0274-846-688/ 021-256-0630      Email:,

Race Sections:            6 Person Teams:        ⃝ Senior Men

(6 x 1500m)

4 Person Teams:        ⃝ Women

(4 x 1500m)                ⃝ Social Mixed

⃝ High School Boys

⃝ High School Girls

⃝ Masters Women

⃝ Masters Men

⃝ 12 & Under: – (4 x 375m = 1 lap each)

N.B.  Age grades for individual fastest times are Masters Men 35 plus (MM35) – on race day, Maters Women 35 plus (MW35) – on race day, Senior Men (SM) Senior Women (SW), High School Boys and Girls (must be at High School) and 12 and Under (on 1st January 2019).  ENTRIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED WITHOUT AGE GRADES INCLUDED.  Men & Women’s section may be split into A & B grades based on est. team time.  Team names should be in the following format:  e.g.  Leith SM 1, Leith U12 etc.  Lap Stewards will be responsible for checking that each runner has completed 4 laps and noting times (as back-up for officials).

Team name: Ariki White – Scratched.

Team name: Ariki  Green 4x1500M

Race Section: Social Mixed 1.30 pm

Race :  Social Mixed 1.30 pm OR High School Girls 2.25 pm

Runner Name & Age Grade:


Runner Name & Age Grade




1.Kotomiyo Cowell  




2.Lola Saunders




3.Charlotte Summers    




4. Sarah Langsbury










Lap Steward:  

Lap Steward: Lucy Summers


Team name: Ariki MM35 4x1500

Team name: Ariki Senior Women 4x1500M

Race Section: Masters 2.55 pm

Race Section: Senior Women – 2.55pm

Runner Name & Age Grade


Runner Name & Age Grade


1.Phil Napper  


1.Catherine Lund


2.Russell Lund


2. Sue Cuthbert  


3 Eddie Smith  


3. Amy Porter


4 Aaron Porter  


4.Jen Walker










Lap Steward: Brent Halley

Lap Steward: Hoani / Rose Langsbury  


Team name: Ariki Senior Men  6x1500M

Team name: Ariki U12 Children  4x375M

Race Section: Senior Men 3.20pm

Race Section: Primary Children 2.10 pm.

Runner Name & Age Grade


Runner Name & Age Grade


1.Nathan Harrison  


1.Hugh Walker


2.Tony Dodds


2.Sammy Walker


3.Shay Veitch


3.Niamh Porter


4.Braden Arbuckle  


4.Charlotte Summers


5.Xaviour Walker




6.Tom McCracken




Lap Steward: Russell Lund  & Brent Halley

Lap Steward: Jen Walker / Suzanne Lund

Entry fees:     $10.00 per runner – Clubs / Schools / Social Teams will be paid on race day, unless the club has prior arranged to pay by invoice after the event.  These are entry fees so must be paid even if teams are scratched on the day.  12 years and under free.

- Teams of four $40 and teams of six $60.  (Race numbers will also incur a $10 per number penalty if not returned – NO EXCEPTIONS).

 X Please check here if club chooses to be sent an invoice for all of race fees after the event.

Race 1: 1:30pm Social & Mixed grades.

Race 2: 2:10pm Under 12 & Primary school.
Race 3: 2:25pm Masters Women (35+), High School Girls & Boys.
Race 4: 2:55pm Senior Women, Masters Men.
Race 5: 3:20pm Senior Men.
3:45pm Mass Run
4:30pm Prize giving at Hill City-University clubrooms.